Can you smoke shrooms? Everything you need to know!

Most people use shrooms and pop them in their mouths hoping to get a good trip when they do so.

A lot of people who have newly come across shrooms, might have the question can you smoke shrooms? Well, you can smoke them but you must also try to explore whether you will get the psychedelic effects from them.

Most people use shrooms and pop them in their mouths hoping to get a good trip when they do so. In case you are an inquisitive user, you must be wondering whether smoking shrooms is a good idea?

The answer to that question is No, it is not at all a good idea. It is not a very good plan as it’s actually a waste of your precious and costly mushrooms.

How can you smoke mushrooms?

If you are wondering about the question of how to smoke shrooms? Then let us tell you the process of doing it in detail.

First, you need to get dried-up shrooms that can be crushed into a fine powder for smoking. In order to smoke it up, you need to roll it on its own or preferably mix it with tobacco or weed.

A lot of people also prefer putting purified psilocybin crystals into pipes. And that is how you can smoke up shrooms easily. However, let us warn you in the beginning, that the purpose you want to fulfill by smoking mushrooms won’t be fulfilled if you are hoping for it.

There is a maximum chance that you might not even feel any of the psychedelic experience that you were hoping for by smoking it up. So it is indeed a very bad idea.

What happens if you smoke shrooms?

Now that we have answered your question “can you smoke magic mushrooms?”, let us now try to tell you what happens when you smoke magic mushrooms.

It is kind of difficult to exactly point out what really happens if you smoke up shrooms.

There is no such research on it till now, therefore the only information we have is from the individuals who themselves have tried it and shared their experiences face to face or on platforms like Reddit.

Some smokers are of the opinion that it gives a very mild high, but it is nothing if you are expecting a good trip that you can get by eating a few or by having a mushroom tea.

Most users have reported it to be a complete waste of good magic mushrooms with no typical effects, except for some unnecessary nausea.

Experts say that psilocybin breaks down at a very high temperature and when you light it up it destroys the major ingredient that would give the trippy effects.

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How can you smoke psychedelic mushrooms?

can you smoke psychedelic mushrooms

If you learned a little about mushrooms then at least once you must have wondered how can you smoke psilocybin mushrooms? Well, you must know psilocybin is the prime ingredient of magic mushrooms.

Smoking up magic mushrooms will not bring you any good, as your digestive system plays an important role in producing the psychedelic effect which your lungs cannot do when you smoke it up.

If you really want to get the trippy effect of the psilocybin substance you need to eat the mushrooms so that the compounds of psilocybin can be converted to psilocin while passing through your digestive tract you can experience its psychoactive effect.

Psilocin primarily forces your serotonin receptors to increase the level of serotonin available in your brain and that makes you go trippy and funny after you consume a few mushrooms.

Know the best way how to eat magic mushrooms?

how to eat magic mushrooms

Smoking up magic mushrooms does not seem to be a good idea, so you should resort to other methods of eating them. You must be wondering how do you eat shrooms?

Well to answer it easily you can just resort to consuming a handful of mushrooms directly and then let its effect hit you after a while. However, there are several other ways in which you can consume magic mushrooms.

  • Mix it with other foods- Instead of consuming raw mushrooms you can always try to sprinkle them or blend them with other foods such as pasta, burgers, pizza, and so on. You can also sprinkle them on top of your regular meals if you want to.
  • Mix it with tea or juice- You can mix your shrooms with your tea. It is one of the best and most effective ways of using it. It makes it easier to digest and even soothes your taste buds. You can even try it with your juices.
  • Mix it with a smoothie-If you don’t like the taste of shrooms you can always cover it up by mixing it with smoothies. Just mix the shroom in your blender by crushing them in a plastic bag. And now mixed it with the smoothie in the blender.
  • Mix it with chocolates and other sweets- Magic mushrooms go with anything and if you are a sweet lover you can try mixing them with chocolates. You can also try it with other sweets. Just place some small bits of shrooms on your chocolates and sweets and eat them directly.

There are so many different ways of consuming mushrooms. You can try any one of these ways to use it. All of them are very effective.

Understand the easiest way how to grind shrooms?

If you are planning to use mushrooms, then you must know how to grind them well. First, place your dehydrated mushrooms in a processor or blender. Make sure you have good-quality mushrooms that are well dried.

Now tear them up and put them into the processor and turn them into dust until it becomes a fine powder. After it’s done make sure you wipe off the dust properly off your food processor.

You can now sprinkle and mix it with various food items and consume it to get the best trip.

How many shroom caps are needed to get a good trip?

If you are a new user then must have wondered at least once how many shroom caps to trip? Is this your first time and you are not sure about the dosage, then let us help you.

You must know that different mushrooms contain different amounts of psilocybin. Therefore, there is no definite answer to this. But that doesn’t mean you can take a bunch of random mushrooms just like that.

Dosage is extremely important. If you are a first-timer then you should start with a microdose of 0.05-0.2 grams of shrooms. A light dose is 0.5-1.5 gms; a moderate dose is 1.5-2 gms; a comparatively strong dose is 2.5-3.5 gms and if you want a heavy dose try approx 3.5 gms.

You should always measure your dosage before taking magic mushrooms. An irregular dose of random heavy dose might not be good for your health and in fact, might cause some serious problems in the body.

What are Golden Teachers Magic Mushroom?

Have you heard of the golden teacher mushrooms dried before? Let us tell you a little bit about Golden Teachers!

It is a popular type of magic mushroom that is in great demand in the market. It is mostly favoured by beginners who have recently entered the world of psychedelics. It can give a mild high and can cause a comparatively good trip than many other mushrooms

Two grams of Golden Teachers is perfect for a newbie. However, you can try a medium-sized dose of 3-4 gms to get a superior experience with this mushroom. They are costly and are difficult to purchase.

Any Idea how long shrooms last in a mason jar?

You might be wondering can shrooms go bad? What is the best way to store magic mushrooms?

Well, then let us tell you that mushrooms do go bad. They are extremely difficult to store for a long time. In fact, they don’t even stay fresh for long. You need to dry the mushrooms very well or at least buy good quality dried mushrooms.

Make sure to wear rubber gloves while handling them so that your palm sweat doesn’t get on the shrooms. You can now slowly store the shrooms in a glass mason jar.

You can also keep the jar in the refrigerator and store the mushroom for 5-10 days. Mushrooms have a very low lasting rate. Therefore, you must be very careful about storing your shrooms.

You shouldn’t start using mushrooms without properly knowing about the storage techniques. Or else you will lose your money and precious shrooms.

Wondering the question “can shrooms kill you?

I have heard a lot of newbies asking the question can you die from shrooms? Well, there are several risks and dangers associated with it. You might not die from consuming shrooms but it can seriously affect your body. Here are some of the adverse effects of shrooms-

  • Smoking itself is injurious to your health. But when you smoke shrooms harmful toxins and other particulate matter also get deposited in your lungs. It also increases the risk of lung cancer too.
  • Bad trips can make you feel disoriented and nauseous and even cause hallucinations. It also causes psychological issues too.
  • It increases your heart rate and blood pressure and also causes muscle weakness.
  • It also increases your body temperature and even abdominal cramps.
  • A high dosage of shrooms can seriously cause hallucinations and make you do things you normally do.

Some people also come up with questions like “can you snort shrooms?” Please trust us on this when we say it is a very bad idea and might even kill you. Mushroom particles lodged in your lungs won’t do you any good.

To Wrap Up

As we have already answered your question can you smoke shrooms? You can definitely smoke up shrooms, but we cannot assure you a good high or trip for you.

Scientific evidence doesn’t suggest anything in this regard. A lot of people ask can you smoke weed on shrooms? Well, you can definitely mix shrooms with cannabis and it might give you some high too. But you cannot compare it with a good trip that you can get if you consume it raw.

We have already told you that blazing up shrooms destroys its major property of psilocybin and as a result, it becomes impossible to get a good trip from it.

Why waste your precious shrooms by lighting them up? Rather focus on new ways that we have suggested in this article to consume shrooms with various items.

However, you must be very careful while using shrooms. In case you suffer from a health condition you shouldn’t experiment by using it.


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