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We accept guest posts on our blog.

We are here to give our readers/visitors the material they would be interested in. To cover all the interests of our readers can be challenging sometimes. That’s why to cover all the interests of our readers we are open to accepting Guest Posting if you think you can provide your unique views/perspective on any topic.


If you would like to write for us and post a guest post on our blog, then you are welcome but before starting to write a post, please read the requirements for a guest post. This is not to say that we will find fault with your guest post, but you must take into account these requirements because they are written for a reason. 

Things to Consider When Writing a Guest Post 

  1. Topic of the post. As you can see – all topics are acceptable to us.
  1. Post style. First of all, I want the post to be written in simple language and without errors.
  1. Formatting and design. The better the text is, the better it will be perceived by the reader. Therefore, the post needs to be divided into paragraphs, according to the meaning.
  1. In a post, you can put link to your blog or website – these links will be open for indexing. You can put more links, but they will have nofollow attributes and therefore will not be taken into account by search engines. But also, you should not oversaturate the text with links.
  1. The uniqueness of the text. The post should be written specifically for our blog and should not be published anywhere before. Only after it is indexed on our blog (the optimal period is a week, although, new articles from my blog get into the index within a few hours). And before that, you can make announcements of the text, with a link to me. Moreover, uniqueness is important in the sense that the post should be useful and interesting, then it will bring you the largest number of conversions and new interested readers to your blog. It’s in your best interest.
  2. The volume of the post. Everything is very individual here. If you have a post with many pictures, then of course there may not be a lot of text. Still, your post must contain at least 800 words or more.

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We also publish sponsored posts. We are looking forward to hearing back from you. Contact us at akash.shrivastava2105@gmail.com