Schubmann Gill to be one of highest run scorers at the end of IPL series: David Hussey


Kolkata Knight Riders chief adviser David Hussey has expressed support for Schubmann Gill as he continues to show poor form.

Shubman Gill is the opening batsman for the Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL. The Kolkata Knight Riders are in the last place after winning only one match in five matches so far. The next 9 matches are important for that team.
Shubman Gill has played poorly in all the six matches played for Kolkata. He took 11 off 19 balls and was run out unnecessarily.
David Hussey, the team’s chief adviser, is backing Schubmann Kill amid criticism. He said that he will be one of the highest run-scorers by the end of the IPL series.
“He played tremendously in the Test series in Australia. He’s so special when you see him training on the web. Has received excellent protocol for training. His class batting will remain the same. Personal excellence off the field. As a solo player, he will be one of the highest run-scorers at the end of this IPL series.


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