10 Amazing Benefits Of Red Wine You Didn’t Know About


Remember: drink in moderation to fully enjoy the benefits of red wine, healthy and delicious.

A glass of red wine a day can be very beneficial for our health. But remember, always in moderation and balance.

A glass of red wine a day will accompany your dishes and greatly improve your well-being. Here’s why.

Red wine and its great benefits

1. An ally for losing weight


Did you know that red wine is great for helping us lose weight?

This drink, in fact, has a very special property: it activates a gene that prevents the formation of new fat cells and, moreover, stimulates existing ones to purify and eliminate them little by little.

To prove this, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted various studies and published the results recently.

However, to see its effects on your silhouette, remember that you should not drink more than one glass a day.

You can see in the image the recommended amount: less than a full glass. Obviously, the results will be more visible if we combine this habit with a balanced and fat-free diet.

2. Boost our brains


Red wine is great for improving our cognitive processes. How is it possible? There are many studies that show that drinking wine in a moderate but constant way prevents dementia and degenerative diseases of the brain.

It treats inflammation, prevents atherosclerosis and, in addition, prevents clotting, thus improving blood flow. It is truly fabulous.

3. Cures gum infections

If you are one of those people whose gums bleed , for example, don’t think twice about accompanying meals with a glass of red wine.

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Grapes, in fact, have some compounds which, once fermented in wine, have the ability to prevent the appearance of streptococci and bacteria that cause tooth decay, as well as being very effective against gingivitis and even sore throats.

4. Fights fatigue

It’s curious, isn’t it? A new study published in  The FASEB Journal has shown that the resveratrol in grapes fights weakness in those days when we are most apathetic or tired. It is worth remembering.

5. Increase Endorphins


When we drink wine, we release endorphins in our bodies, which makes us relax and enjoy the moment.

A study on the subject was conducted by the University of California. Do not forget that wine, combined with certain foods and dishes, enhances their flavor making us enjoy the food better.

6. Cleans the mouth

This is a curious fact, but true. Drinking red wine when we eat, thanks to its astringent properties, helps to perceive flavors more intensely.

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It reduces the taste of fat if we eat meat and gives us a really rewarding feeling, because it cleans our mouth.

A detail to remember to convince us even more of the usefulness of accompanying lunch or dinner with a glass of red wine.

7. Great for lowering cholesterol

Red wine is a real natural treasure rich in polyphenols. According to the Mayo Clinic, they help us take care of our blood vessels, as they prevent clots from forming and reduce so-called “bad” cholesterol.

8. Excellent for the health of our cardiovascular system


In addition to the polyphenols mentioned above, red wine is rich in vitamin E, which helps cleanse the blood, prevent clots and protect blood vessel tissues.

A single glass of wine can therefore greatly improve the health of our cardiovascular system.

9. Reduces the risk of cancer

Red wine is an excellent antioxidant. A natural remedy capable of blocking, for example, the growth of cells that cause breast or lung cancer.

One of its best properties is the action of resveratrol which prevents estrogen from developing into cancer problems in women.

10. Fights urinary infections

Thanks to its antioxidant and astringent properties, red wine prevents the adhesion of bacteria to the bladder and also improves the filtering and purification of this organ.

As we said, a glass of red wine a day is enough to get all these benefits. Don’t forget it!



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