Juventus, against Milan it is not allowed to make mistakes


The race for qualification for the next Champions League is getting more and more heated. Lazio’s defeat against Fiorentina thinned the list of contenders for the top European club qualification; now there are three seats available for four teams: Atalanta, Juventus, Milan, and Napoli, in strict alphabetical order.

The Neapolitans now have one more match with the victory obtained yesterday in the away match in that of Spezia, today the other three will take the field, Atalanta will be the protagonist at the Tardini against a Parma already mathematically relegated, while tonight’s postponement will put in front of Juventus and Milan at the Stadium.

Looking at the calendar, there are still several games that could change the ranking, in one direction or another. From here to the end Juventus will face Milan, Sassuolo, Inter, and Bologna, a series of rather difficult commitments considering that even the already Italian champion Inter will certainly not want to make life easy for the bianconeri given the ancient hatred that runs between the two companies.

 The simplest path is certainly that of Gasperini’s team who, in addition to Parma, will face Benevento and Genoa, while in the last round they will host Milan with the games probably already decided. 

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Looking at what his next commitments will be, Juventus will have to realize that tonight’s match against Milan is a fundamental crossroads to reach the minimum goal of the season. qualification for the Champions League, net of the well-known off-field events that have regained vigor in the last few days. 

The last-minute victory against Udinese certainly brought some good humor back to Juventus, but the performance once again left a lot to be desired. Once again the bianconeri went on the field not very combative and attentive, as demonstrated by the action that led to the Friulian advantage signed by Molina: on the free-kick beaten by De Paul none of the Juventus rushed on the ball to avoid the opponents of beating quickly and inside the penalty area, there were several players who did not pay attention to the development of the action, even turning their backs to the ball.

If there is a specific fault attributable toAndrea Pirlo‘s management, it is precisely that of attitude and attention. Under the leadership of the former director, the Juventus team appeared very rarely combative and with that hunger for victories that characterized the Juventus past, there were often passive attitudes and significant drops in attention that had disastrous results, above all the premature elimination from the Champions League at the hands of Porto.

These attitude errors and these drops in concentration today must be overcome, for a match that can change the future of Juventus. Failure to qualify for the Champions League would be a significant sporting and economic disaster. For example, it would be impossible to think of keeping the five-time Golden Ball without its most beloved stage, just as the diaspora of many other important elements would be probable.

who want to continue to tread the most prestigious fields of the Old Continent. For Pirlo today will therefore be a decisive challenge, to say the least, to be played with a knife between the teeth and with a maximum concentration for all ninety (plus recovery) minutes. For all these reasons and for a pinch of pride of both the coach and the players, making mistakes today is simply not allowed.


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